We help clients achieve their goals


Given the significant knowledge and experience of Longsight’s team, and our global network of business and professional resources, we advise our client on matters and challenges wherever they occur. Our work and our clients are global. One of our areas of concentration is Japan and work for Japanese and other Asian institutions. With language capability, deep market knowledge, and cultural sensitivity, we are uniquely qualified to assist on situation that involve Asia or Asian based institutions.


Longsight is a leader in creative deal-making. We partner with the client’s legal, financial, accounting, public relations and other advisors to deliver the highest level advice in a clear, consistent, and thoughtful manner. From the birth of the idea to post-closing integration, we are there to help our clients execute transactions and deliver value.

Governance and Activist Response

Shareholders around the world are focused on Environmental, Societal and Governance considerations. Activism is on the rise. Boards and senior management need timely and thoughtful advice on formulating good governance practices and, when the need arises, executing appropriate responses to activist demands.  Longsight brings to the table four decades of experience counseling clients through these difficult situations.


Crises happen, and most companies and businesses have little experience in managing them. Whether a serious governance problem, cyber attack, financial scandal, product liability problem, employee controversy or other matter, Longsight can help. It is essential to know how to manage through the situation, what professionals to choose, how financial markets may react, what positions regulators are likely to take and what reputation, brand and other risks are involved. Longsight provides experienced and practical advice to assist with the most difficult decision and help clients achieve the optimal outcome.

Business Disruptionand Corporate Restructuring

In every age, new technologies disrupt existing businesses, and downturns in business cycles put stress on balance sheets. The global pandemic has dramatically accelerated business model disruption. Longsight is focused on helping clients find solutions, and can help with advice on managing balance sheets, turning around businesses, divesting assets and implementing other approaches to achieving the best outcomes.


Business disputes can be costly. If an evolving dispute can be resolved before going to litigation, considerable savings in time and resources can be achieved. Whether before or after the commencement of litigation, the resolution of disputes is often by means of a financial settlement or business transaction. Working with the client’s legal and other advisors, Longsight brings experience, judgment and resources to devising, negotiating and implementing appropriate solutions.